1/48 Monogram Spitfire mk.I

by Joe McFeely

The Monogram Spitifre MK II in 1/48th scale was my first attempt at scale aircraft modeling (built cars as a kid....go figure).  I bought it on a whim at the local drug store for $8.00.  Chris gave me a cheap, single action Badger 250 to use for practice and soon became hooked.
The kit was built OOB and includes many beginner errors.  I did not have the gluing technique down and have never heard of drybrushing as of yet.  Thanks to sites such as FSM forum, ARC (tools and tips) and of course proper guidance by Chris himself, I'm told I have improved.  Still a long was to go though.......... 
I plan to build Tamiya's fantastic Spit MK I with a Battle of Britain scheme.  I will post it as soon as completed.