1/48 Tamiya North American P-51B Mustang (part 3 - decals, drop tanks)

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Here is my P-51B "Beamtown Banshee" decaled. I had a slight disaster with the decals. While decaling the prop, I accidentally knocked over my bottle of Micro Sol, completely drenching the decal sheet. Panic ensued and a cornucopia of cuss words (to include F-bombs) spewed from me. I immediately tried to order a new sheet from Squadron but it appears they do not offer this sheet anymore. After regaining my composure on the completion of additional cuss words, I decided to allow the sheet to dry completely and try to salvage them. Luck would have it, I was successful. Since this is my second such mishap (first less severe), I decided to superglue a peanut butter lid to the bottom of the Micro Sol bottle. Problem solved.

I opted to use the "paper tanks" for this P-51, which seems to be more common on the earlier B models. I was having trouble finding reference for the fuel line routing so I improvised. I took a telephone cord and cut it apart. I stripped the black wire of its rubber coating. The rubber was then chopped into "grommets" of different lengths and fitted back onto the wire. The wire was then painted MM chrome silver. Once dry, I drilled a hole in the rear part of the tank and secured the wire with superglue. I ran the wire to the front and attached it on the wing under the pylon. I have no idea if this routing is exactly correct (or even close for that matter) but it sure looks better that installing just the tank and makes the model much more interesting.

Stay tuned for the completion of Beamtown Banshee.....


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