1/32 Revell Grumman F-14A Tomcat, VF-1 (part 6 – wings & stabilizers)

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The white areas were pre-shaded with Tamiya chocolate brown and sprayed with Tamiya flat white. The panel lines were edged with a custom mixed cream color. I then sprayed a very thin mix of white from about 6-10 inches from the model using a high pressure setting to soften the effect.

Tamiya tape and sticky notes are used to mask the white flaps of the wings.

This aircrafts is painted Light Gull Gray on the upper surfaces with white movable flying surfaces and white underneath. For scale effect I custom mixed Polyscale's Light Gull Gray with a little black as I felt the gray by itself was too light.

Model Master's Italian Red matched the decals so the tips of the vertical stabs received a coat.
Completely painted, with a coat of Future applied in preparation for the decals. I will leave the metal edge masked until the plane is complete. Earlier I had painted the metal edges of the wings and stabs using Alclad II Steel.
Ready for the decals…
A quick test fit.
She's coming together.

I'm using Cam decals and they settle down nicely with only a little bit of Microsol.

Vert. Stabs The decals on the Vertical stabilizers went on well also.
Vert. Stabs w/ oil wash I washed the panel lines with oil paints thinned with Turpinoid. Burnt umber and black were used here. The stabilizer in the foreground has not had the excess wash removed. I'll use a Q-tip to remove the excess wash and create subtle weathering.
Wash Complete The wash is completed and the masking is removed to reveal the bare metal finish on the leading edge.
Horzt. Stabs The Horizontal stabilizers are complete.
Close up Close-up of the wing with the masking removed showing the navigations light and bare metal leading edge.
All wings Time to get started on the fuselage.

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