1/32 Revell Grumman F-14A Tomcat, VF-1 (part 5 – landing gear)

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The landing gear could use a lot of improvement. The nose gear lacks landing lights, and much of the detail such as support bars are molded into the plastic rather than seperate pieces.

First I fashioned the nose gear strut out of aluminum tubing which I polished using my Dremel with very fine sand paper and Tamiya Polishing Compound.

With the Dremel I carefully cut away the nose strut bar and supporting detail. I fashoind the new details from brass tubing using the Dremel.

I drilled out the landing light which will be replaced by an MV lens and added detail for the other lights also.

The main strut is not glued in place as I will paint the gear first and attach the polished strut last.

The only modification I made to the main gear was the addition of thin solder to represent the brake lines.
I used Automotive whit primer to paint all the landing gear parts. I then sprayed two coats of future in preparation for an oil paint wash.
Landing Gear A wash of Burnt Umber and Black oil paints thinned with Turpenoid is applied.

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